Our Commission Events

Arbiters’ Seminars

One of our priorities is to increase a number of European female arbiters and especially in the countries with very low coverage. We plan to do that by organizing “Online FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar for Women” with one of the best female arbiters in Europe. Our Commission will bear the costs for the stipend of the Lecturer, participants will need to pay only a small administration fee for the exam. This year we want to support countries that have no or very few female arbiters and give them a chance to make a positive change in their female chess community.

Trainers’ Seminars and Workshops

It is our vision to increase women’s interest in becoming (certified) instructors and/or trainers by organizing different type of online workshops and seminars for them. We plan to cover topics from motivation trainings for a young generation, to weekend workshops for trainers and how to build your own chess school/academy, etc. We look forward to a cooperation with newly established “ECU Trainers Commission” that part of the agenda is also to support female players/trainers as well. Majority of the seminars that we will organize will be open to public, but with limited number of places. Make sure you register on time, once the seminar is announced.

Support for Women’s tournaments

One of our goals is to support organizers of female norm tournaments in Europe in order to increase the number of female players with FIDE titles. We offer a financial support to organizers who are ECU member federations and under following conditions and criteria.

Other events

Join our online events where you will have a possibility to connect on an international level with many inspiring people. We will provide a space for sharing experience and best practice, a space for educating, encouraging women to play tournaments and European chess federations to create strong and positive female chess communities in their respective countries. We will organize a big event “ECU Girls Chess Weekend” with several side events like talks, seminars and coaching in Q1. And at the end of the year “Women’s Chess Conference” in London.

European Women's Chess Trophy

We inspire to support female chess players to actively take part in the solely women’s tournaments in Europe, especially in the closed (norm) ones and this way to support and promote tournaments’ organizers as well. We would like to do so by lunching “European Women’s Chess Trophy”, an initiative that will financially reward women and girls in the categories mentioned below.