European Women’s Chess Trophy

We inspire to support female chess players to actively take part in the solely women’s tournaments in Europe, especially in the closed (norm) ones and this way to support and promote tournaments’ organizers as well. We would like to do so by lunching “European Women’s Chess Trophy”, an initiative that will financially reward women and girls in the categories mentioned below.

Categories and prizes in EUR 1. Prize 2. Prize 3. Prize
Junior (U20) 700 500 300
Best female player up to 2200 1000 600 400
Best female player between 2201 – 2400 1000 600 400
Best female player above 2401 1000 600 400



  • Only female tournaments will be considered: women’s closed tournaments (at least WIM level and with three different federations participating), European Girls Youth Championship (U16-U18), European Women Individual championships, except European Team Championship and European Club Cup.
  • Criteria for calculation to be based on points and a performance system:
  • Minimum played tournaments required per year (for all four categories): 3
  • Launching point of calculation: rating as of February 2023, reflecting each tournament separately (month), till December 31, 2023
  • TOP 3 Best female players in all four categories to be calculated
  • Best of 3 tournaments will be considered for these criteria
  • Each female player can win only one prize. If two or more players end up with the same number of points, number of games played per year will decide. The next

criteria will be overall (better) performance.

  • European Club Cup – minimum of 5 games must be played to be included in the calculation
  • European Team Championship – minimum of 7 games must be played to be included in the calculation


Points System for all four categories

Ranking in the tournament (based on performance) Points
1.Place 60
2.Place 40
3.Place 20


TOURNAMENT’S CALENDAR (considered for the calculation)

Tournament Country Date
European Women’s Individual Chess Championship 2023 Montenegro 18-Mar-23 30-Mar-23
European Youth Chess Championships U16-U18 2023 (only if separate girl’s tournament is in place) Romania 4-Sep-23 15-Sep-23
European Senior Chess Championships 2023  (only if separate female tournaments are in place) Italy 25-May 4-Jun-23
European Amateur Chess Championship (only if separate female tournaments are in place) Italy 16-Apr-23 26-Apr-23
European Team Championship Montenegro 10-Nov-23 21-Nov-23
European Women’s Chess Club Cup Albania 30-Sep-23 8-Oct-23


Closed Tournaments
Tournament Country Date
Vienna WIM Closed Tournament (WIM) Austria 2-Feb-23 12-Feb-23
2nd She Plays To Win International 2023 England 15-Feb-23 19-Feb-23
Flower of the Mediterranean (WGM) Croatia  5-March 2023  12-March 2023
55. Medjunarodni osmomartosvki turnir sahistkinja Serbia 08-May-23 14-May-23
Maria Albuleț Memorial Romania Q4  


We will regularly publish a preliminary list with an overview of current points and players after tournaments (that are included in our calendar) have been finished. There is no need to register for this initiative, we will automatically include all female players who participate at above mentioned tournaments.

It is in our interest to include as many closed female tournaments as possible. If you would like to be a part of this initiative, as an organizer, and support female players this way, and promote your female event, please drop us a message and we will gladly include you. The tournament’s list will expand throughout the year, as we will also regularly announce an “Open call of interest” for all organizers of women’s tournaments.

The program “Supported by the FIDE Development fund