2nd ECU Girls‘ and Women‘s Chess Weekend

The ECU Commission for Women’s Chess is organizing the 2 nd edition of the ECU Girls’ and Women’s Chess Weekend.

The event will take place on the weekend 25. – 26.02.2023.

All events are online and is open to all ECU Federations, who would like to participate with a team. The event consists of a team battle, a rapid tournament, and various seminars. Participants can either join all events or attend individual events they are interested in. Please see the detailed timetable and the sign-up information below.


Saturday, 25.02.2023
11.00 CET: Seminar: The Journey of becoming a Chess arbiter with Jirina Prokopova
14.00 CET: Individual Rapid Arena
19.00 CET: Battle of the Federations

Sunday, 26.02.2023
14.00 CET: Seminar: Online Motivation Training with GM Elina Danielian

Detailed event information

Individual Rapid Tournament (Saturday, 25.02.2023. 14.00 CET)
The tournament is open to all female players.
Time control: 10 min + 5 s

This tournament offers the perfect opportunity for younger players or beginners, who want to play games with a slightly longer time controls.
Tournament link: https://lichess.org/tournament/RqGvAZnD
The tournament is password protected. Passwords were provided to all ECU Federations. If you want to participate, please contact your federation to request the password or email womenchess@europechess.org

Battle of the Federations (Saturday, 25.02.2023, 19.00 CET)
This will be a team battle, where each player competes for their country.
Each country can join the tournament with a female team. You can check here if your country has entered a team into the tournament and join the respective team:

There will be multiple seminars taking place over the weekend:

1. The Journey of becoming a Chess arbiter – and why to give it a try with Jirina Prokopova (Saturday, 25.02.2023, 11.00 CET).
Learn more about what the role of arbiters is in chess, what the benefits are of being a chess arbiter and what the journey of becoming a chess arbiter looks like. Open to everyone. Sign up via email to womenchess@europechess.org

2. Online Motivation Training with GM Elina Danielian (Sunday, 26.02.2023, 14.00 CET) Requirements for participants: Rating >1800, Age <23. Limited places, which will be given away on a “First come, first serve” basis. Sign up via email to womenchess@europechess.org

Please include in your full name, country, age and rating in your sign up email.

There are various prizes to win over the course of the weekend, such as coaching sessions with
top female chess players.