157th Internet-based FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar – Report

Jul 1, 2024

The 157th Internet Based FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar was held from 1st to 9th June 2024. It was organized by the European Chess Union, under the auspices of FIDE.

The Lecturer was IA Bayat, Shohreh (ENG), FIDE Lecturer, and Local Assistant Lecturer was IA Schulman, Alon (ISR).

The Language of the Seminar was English.Eighteen (18) arbiters from thirteen (13) national chess federations (ALB, BIH, CRO, GEO, GRE, EST, HUN, IND, ROU, SCO, SRI, TUR, and UGA) participated in the Seminar, and all of them participated in the examination test, held after the end of the lectures.

The following succeeded in the test and they will be awarded a norm for the title of the FIDE Arbiter, after the approval of the next FIDE Council:

FIDE ID Name (as on FIDE Profile) FED
14403668 Jacimovic, Sara BIH
768634 Kiss, Rebeka Anna HUN
25832565 Makrigianni, Eleni Iokasti GRE
4261631 Haralabidou, Maria GRE
4508190 Blokhin, Sofia EST
2406837 Wilson, Jennifer SCO
4701100 Tuzi, Bruna ALB
4700783 Kerciku, Suzana ALB