All for chess & Chess for all

Dec 29, 2022

Eight wonderful Polish girls 💃 enjoy the opportunity to play on the stage of the European Rapid and Blitz Championship.

This is the way we give them the opportunity to see, touch and feel the professional top players life. They better get used to the leading boards, one day those will be their regulars! 😉 And one day a lady will hold the world chess champion’s title! ❤️‍🔥

The Year of Women in Chess by FIDE – International Chess Federation does not end: it has served as the beginning for many inspirational women empowerment initiatives that will be continued. Among them – girls master classes, demo tournaments and activities in parallel to our major tournaments. 🏁

FIDE Women Commission (Anastasia Sorokina) together with European Chess Union Women Commission (Regina Pokorna ) and other stakeholders will lead in the task.

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