European Women’s Champion

Mar 30, 2023

Montenegro has crowned a new European Women’s Champion Meri Arabidze

Congratulations to IM Arabidze Meri for winning a gold medal for Georgia. Meri is a talented young lady with a notable record of already many accomplishments like multiple Girls’ World and Europe Youth Champion in different age categories. She won the European Woman’s Championship with 8,5/11 ahead of polish IM Kiolbasa Oliwia having the same points 8,5/11. Oliwia showed her outstanding play already at the last Olympiad in India in 2022, when she scored 9,5/11 and had the highest individual performance in Women’s section. The bronze medal goes to Maltsevskaya Aleksandra with 8/11 representing now Poland.
It’s very interesting to see that from the first 7 places, 3 places went to Georgia, 3 to Poland and 1 to Greece – to IM Stavroula Tsolakidou who finished on an outstanding 4th place.
One can’t really not complain about fighting spirit of all ladies, when even in the last round we could see very few quick draws and even on the first board very sharp games and players risking a lot. For some of them it turned out well eventually, for some of them with disappointment…. But that’s the sport and that’s what attracts viewers and fans to keep eagerly watching the games and the tournament till the end.
Respect to all of them and thank you for this approach!
Finally, congratulations also to all ladies who qualified for the World Women Championship in 2023 and also to the ones who scored a norm.
Photos: ECU FB