INVITATION to The 2nd ECU Trainers Online Seminar

Apr 12, 2024

Spots available with ECU WOM financial support
Our commission received for the 2nd Seminar again few spots that we can distribute to female chessplayers and/or trainers.
As in the first seminar, there will be well known and respected lecturers, covering topics from chess motivation to training mistakes, strategy and tactics.

The first webinar received very good feedback from the participants and a list of all entitled trainers is already available online:…/directory-ecu-trainers…/

Requirements for ECU EXPERT Coach are:
Rating of the woman player/trainer should be at least 2000
+ Years of trainer’s experience (not necessary at federation level, club and/or private trainings)
The ECU Trainers certificates are lifelong and no need to prolong them or pay annual (additional) fees.
Mandatory participation is 70% to be eligible for the exam/title.

The fee for seminar’s exam/title is 300 EUR, but our commission offers a support of 100 EUR for the first 3 applicants with a priority for the countries with a lower number of women’s trainers. If there is a higher interest, we can consider to provide 2 more financial supports.

You can find all details here:
Please send us your request or questions to our email: