Motivation’s training

Dec 29, 2022

Last weekend Austrian Women’s National Team held a motivation’s training with one of the best female players worldwide, GM Elina Danielian from Armenia.

And it wasn’t just about chess. It was mostly about her very successful chess career, how she overcame all the challenges, how she faced all the ups and downs and what she learnt from all these after all… Elina is not only a very strong player, she’s a great woman, who has so much to say and share….And questions were many:)

Just few of her quotations:

“I’ve learnt something very important – losing is not a crime. I try to accept losing as a normal result – but yes, it’s still very difficult.”

“This was a sign from above – I shall continue playing and concentrate on what I can do the best – playing chess.”

“If you’re a sportsman, you shouldn’t play for a draw.”

“If you want to reach more, study and go ahead.”

Good news for the chess girls and ladies outside – our commission is planning a similar motivation’s training with Elina in upcoming year and it will be free of charge for all participants. We’ll provide you with more details on time.