SPOTLIGHT- “Females Working Behind the Scene”

Jul 12, 2023

In our section “Spotlight – Females Working Behind the Scene” we would like to introduce you passionate members of the European Chess Federations that are engaged in promoting and supporting Women’s Chess.

Lenka Kůsová, Czech Republic – Chair of Women’s Commission;

My name is Lenka Kůsová. I am from the Czech Republic. I work for the Czech Chess Federation. My position is in Marketing and Communication. I am a leader of Women’s chess in the Czech Republic.

What is the % of female chess players in Czech Republic and how many professional female chess players do you have?

We have about 3185 active women chess players. I think, we don´t have any professional women chess players, because our TOP women chess players are all working.

What are the main projects and areas of responsibility of the Czech Chess Federation Women’s Commission?

The goal for us is to bring up the professional women chess players. We want to get women into the chess community as arbiters, trainers and also players.

What events and initiatives have you planned for this year?

Simultaneos with some WGMs where young girls will have a chance to play against them. Girls camp.

Do you have any tips on how to get more females involved in chess?

Communication, supporting young chess girls, organizing events for ladies. Lectures during Youth Chess championships,
discussions about problematic of women’s chess.