Support for Women’s tournaments 2024

Feb 13, 2024

We continue also in the year 2024 to support organizers of female norm tournaments in Europe. We are very glad that in 2023 we managed to financially support 3 women’s closed tournaments and raised an awareness of our initiative. It remains our goal and vision to increase the number of female players with FIDE titles and hope to achieve this also with this initiative.

We offer a financial support to organizers who are ECU member federations and under following conditions and criteria.

Support for Women’s tournaments 2024.

  • The organizing federation must be an ECU member.
  • We may support only one ECU organizer – country per year.
  • The closed tournament must be at least a WIM norm tournament.
  • Majority of the female players must come from ECU member federations.
  • If there are no requests received for a certain Quarter, support will be moved to another Quarter.
  • Requests for a financial support to be sent to our Women’s commission till March 31, 2024 for the tournaments being organized between January and June 2024 (Q1+Q2).
  • Requests for a financial support to be sent to our Women’s commission June 15, 2024 for the tournaments being organized between July and December 2024 (Q3+Q4).

This year we can offer a financial support to 4 organizers, as following:

  • WIM norm tournament => support of 800 EUR/tournament
  • WGM norm tournament => support of 1000 EUR/tournament
  • Financial funding will be provided after half of the rounds have been played.


  • Organizers who have already received our financial support are eligible to apply again. However, if there are more requests received for the certain Quarter, the priority will get the organizers who has never received a support from us yet.
  • Organizers of European Federations with fewer titled female players (WIM/WGM) will have a priority to get our support.
  • Federations with less than three WIM titled players on their FIDE list are eligible nominate 1 male player for the closed tournament.
  • Tournaments with better conditions (covering the accommodation costs, meals and no fee) will have a priority.
  • For tournaments which already received a financial support from us, ECU Women’s Commission has the right to nominate one player (from countries with fewer WIM/WGM players, depending on a tournament type). ECU nominated female player should have a minimum rating of 2030 for a WIM norm tournament, or 2180 for a WGM norm tournament, depending on the tournament’s norm (in order not to lower the tournament rating average).

Please submit your request with following information to us:

  1. Type of the women’s tournament (WIM or WGM).
  2. Tournament Director.
  3. Country and date of the tournament.
  4. Tournament link, if available.
  5. List of the players and average rating of the players, if available.

The program is “ Supported by the FIDE Development fund.