WOM – Judit Polgar

Jan 10, 2023

Judit Polgar: „I want to demonstrate the diversity of chess“
Last December, GM Judit Polgar was inducted into the World Chess Hallo of Fame in St. Louis, USA. Well derserved, because she is the strongest female player of all-time and an excellent ambassador of the game.
Judit received her grandmaster title at the age of 15 years and four months. In doing so, she broke a record previously held by Bobby Fischer. At the age of twelve, she entered the TOP 100 in the world. Later she made it to the TOP 10 and inspired many people to learn chess.
Nowadays she uses her popularity to bring more women into chess and to strengthen chess as an educational tool in raising children. Chess activist Lilli Hahn (Councilor of the ECU Women´s Chess Commission) interviewed Judit Polgar for the FIDE Podcast on the occasion of the Year of Woman in Chess.
Here is the interview: https://www.schachgefluester.de/judit-polgar-interview-2/
Article by Michael Busse (Schachgeflüster Podcast)